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The social media networks have released the latest report on fake news and Covid. And it’s a good story for users. The two platforms have been tackling the spread of lies on Covid -and more. Everyone can rejoice.

What the report says

This is the report on the standards of the community. And it looks like the standards have risen. In particular, it focused on Covid-19. The results show that Facebook and Instagram have removed over 18 million post spreading lies and fake news about the virus.

Since Covid is still a serious threat for public safety and health, the two networks are keeping an eye on the shared content. Content that is both about the virus and the vaccination campaigns all over the world, as Guy Rosen, the Vicepresident of Integrity said.

According to Facebook, over 5 million users have used the vaccine stickers and frames of the social media. This, as a way to spread awareness about the benefits of the vaccine itself. And it wasn’t just a social media, cute campaign. Instead, it was a collaboration between the network and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. When it comes to Instagram, the same vaccine stickers have been shared over 7 million times.

More than Covid

In fact, the report didn’t only focus on Covid-19. Also, it focused on any damaging content. Plus, the application of the community’s standards. According to Facebook, content that spread hate have diminished.

Instead, the spread of violent and graphic content reached the 0,02% on Instagram and 0,04% on Facebook. That’s definitely less than the 0,05% of last trimester. But not all damaging content has had the same trend.

Here’s more news

In fact, Facebook saw 8,8 million of bullying posts this trimester, compared to the 6,3 million of the fourth trimester of 2020. Meanwhile, Instagram intervened in 5,5 million bullying posts, compared to the 5 million of 2020. When it comes to organized hate, Facebook intervened in 9,8 million posts, compared to the 6,4 million of last year. Instagram saw 324.500 of these posts, compared to the 308,000 of 2020.

Of course, the number are raising. So, how is that good news? Because, thanks to Artificial Intelligence, the two social media can detect more hateful and damaging content. And now they can take it down. They can even take the posts down before users report them.

Indeed, it is good news. It means that social media is becoming safer and more secure for its users. People can enjoy these networks without any fear. No fear of being bullied, judged, or of seeing fake news. While there might be more to do, it’s a good start.


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